SCUBA Courses

Basic Open Water with NITROX

This is the first step into the underwater world and arguably the most important. This is why the idea of a "budget" or "cheap" course makes no sense and can be dangerous in the long run. I offer a private course that focuses on practical application, safety, and boat etiquette.

One on one interaction assures a complete understanding of the material rather than the "good enough" method that is the norm in most dive shops. 

 This course includes a NITROX certification. Nitrox is simply an elevated percentage of Oxygen in the tank that increases the safety margin, almost doubles dive times, and reduces fatigue after the dive brought on by excess nitrogen in the bloodstream.. 

The course consists of an online portion, two lectures IN YOUR HOME on your schedule, one pool session, and two days of diving. 

I REQUIRE saltwater dives for certification. 

If you aren't certified in saltwater then your are NOT qualified to dive in saltwater.

Maximum Class size is FOUR participants. 

Perfect for families

Course fee is $595 

per person

Course fee includes all instruction , learning materials, certification cards (upon successful completion of all requirements), use of scuba gear and tanks for the duration of the course. 

Not included: Basic snorkel gear, dive charters, or admission to dive sites.

NITROX Certification

Enriched Air Nitrox utilizes a slightly elevated percentage of oxygen to lesson the effects of nitrogen loading during SCUBA diving. This course introduces the basic theory of Nitrox as well as it's benefits and limitations. Extend your bottom time and dive safer with less fatigue and a decreased danger of DCS.

Course is taught privately in your home on your schedule.

Course fee is $200

Includes lecture, study material, and certification card (upon successful completion of course requirements)

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